Fun Facts *

Facts: Technology

Our day-to-day technology dictionary soup: web site, web API, big data, real-time, kernel, firmware, message queues, CMake, DirectX, OpenGL, MySQL, Cassandra, Java, Ruby, REST, C, C++, Python, Perl, PHP, C#, high performance networking, code optimization, hardware virtualization, application virtualization, sandboxing, RAILS.

Facts: Service Stats Snapshot

The OnLive Hosting Platform is a 24/7 service that delivers multiple products through one network that spans both Northern America and Europe.

Metric Value
Latency added by the OnLive Encoder 4 ms
Latency added by an average LCD display 32 ms
Network Performance Data Collected 1.2 TB/week
Issue Tracking/Source Control/Wiki/Build/Review JIRA/SVN/Confluence/Parabuild/Crucible
OnLive SVN Repository 175M LoC result using OnLive Desktop Plus on the iPad 660 Mb/s
Time it takes to derive your network quality 1.5 seconds
Time it takes to adapt to your network < 10ms
Playing Saints Row 3 on your Android tablet over LTE on the 280 Awesome
gigaFLOPs of computing power in the OnLive Cloud 4,722,000
Software releases Weekly

Facts: Inside Jokes

You gotta have a little fun. You may not get all of these. Feel free to ask us “what's a puppycorn?”

Metric Value
Number of Quips 1507
Most popular quip author by votes John Speck
First quip What's the maximum value of one bit? Ian and Roger reply "Signed or unsigned?"
Most popular quip It works fine in the powerpoint version of the architecture. -- Arnold
Getting your status report in on time +100 DKP (Dragon Kill Points)
Best Component Name OLIVES (OnLive Integrated Virtualization and Encryption System)
Worst Component Name GLU (General Logistical Units)
Date of 100,000th SVN commit Jan 4th, 2012
Amount of food BBQ'd per week 50 lbs of meat and veggies
Percent of Eng/Ops who use standing desks 30%
Mythical Creature Created at OnLive Puppycorn
Most Popular "Game Night" Games Cosmic Encounter, Forbidden Island, TransAmerica
Chance of an OnLive team winning trivia at your local bar 60%

Facts: Donut Wars

Since 2008, OnLive has had the policy of bad build breaks requiring the delivery of donuts for affected teams the following morning. This policy split the engineering team into three camps:

The Software Purists
Credo: Having a remediation as easily attainable as donuts for build breaks means people won't care about breaking the builds.
The Donut Eaters
Credo: Donuts taste good.
The Alternatives aka "Why does it have to be donuts?"
Credo: Sugar is a toxin!

Much discussion around this topic has happened, but people still bring in donuts.

* For entertainment purposes only. Do not try at home. Fun facts not to be used as a flotation device.