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Software Engineer, App Virtualization
The Platform Services team develops the infrastructure that powers OnLive's cloud service. We're looking for experienced engineers in the area of app virtualization. Candidates for this role should understand the current landscape of app virtualization under Windows, be able to talk knowledgeably about the pros and cons of each solution, and help outline priorities for improvements to OnLive's current technology.
  •  Design and develop next generation app virtualization technologies based on current and future use cases
  •  Design OS-agnostic and OS-specific solutions for app virtualization as necessary and needed
  •  Design and develop tools for partner and 3rd party use for app virtualization
  •  In-depth understanding of operating systems architecture and kernel mode development
  •  Excellent understanding of Windows Internals
  •  Experience with multi-threaded application development
  •  Experience developing cross-platform software
  •  Demonstrated object oriented design skills
  •  Plus: Knowledge of Linux kernel
  •  Plus: Experience with encryption/DRM

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