• June 2014


    OnLive: Building the future of enterprise services from the cloud

    Bob Gourley

    “OnLive is a firm I recommend enterprise technologists watch closely…By delivering high-end visual computing experiences successfully to any device they have created capabilities that can apply to just about every enterprise.”

  • March 2014


    OnLive CloudLift Beta hands-on: first-impressions on a MacBook Pro

    Chris Burns

    “This week the team behind OnLive’s cloud gaming initiatives have introduced CloudLift, a subscription service in which you’re paying for the right to stream games you already own straight from OnLive’s remote servers. As it turns out, even in Beta mode, this environment is quite impressive.”

  • March 2014


    OnLive Brings On New Executive Chairman And Launches New Cloud Gaming Features

    Matt Burns

    “With the CloudLift subscription service, OnLive is attempting to bring the convenience of cloud gaming to digital downloaded games. The service links select titles from a player’s game library to OnLive and automatically saves pertinent metadata. Then, when the player plays on a different PC or mobile device, the game resumes where it’s left off.”

  • March 2014
    Wall Street Journal Logo


    OnLive Goes Beyond Streaming Videogames

    Ian Sherr

    “CloudLift, which forges links between OnLive’s service and Valve’s Steam, a popular service that gamers use to buy and download games. The arrangement makes it possible to save games in the cloud so that people can, say, start playing a game stored on their PC at home and continue playing later at the same point on a different device through the streaming service, OnLive says.”

  • March 2014


    OnLive Reemerges with CloudLift Service, Steam Integration

    Scott Lowe

    “OnLive’s CloudLift builds upon its existing service, but instead of trying to replace the games on your PC with a cloud-based alternative, CloudLift detects the games installed on your machine to provide streaming access from virtually any device.”

  • March 2014


    OnLive Not Threatened by PlayStation Now, Steam Machines

    Eddie Makuch

    “OnLive won’t spend its time worrying about the competition because, we have plenty of market opportunity facing us that we’re just trying to get our hands around.”

  • March 2014


    OnLive Lives Again with CloudLift

    David Hing 

    “CloudLift will allow gamers to stream titles they already own through any other device with an internet browser and will allow cloud saving so that players can pick up from where they left off.”

  • March 2014


    Cloud-Gaming Service OnLive Re-emerges Leaner and Meaner

    Philippa Warr 

    “After examining what gamers really want and need, we realized that we could do a better job for them by not trying to be their everything, and to do for them that for which we are uniquely suited.”

  • March 2014


    OnLive Resurfaces with Two New Games Services

    Brett Molina

    “CloudLift, a service that allows users to take video games already available locally through PCs and add cloud features to enjoy those titles on other devices such as laptops or tablets.”

  • March 2014


    OnLive is Back with New Business Model, New Leadership

    Kris Graft

    “We wanted to allow gamers to play their game locally on PC … and when they’re not [at their PC], they can get it OnLive.”

  • March 2014


    OnLive’s CloudLift Service Will Let You Play Steam Games On Any Device

    Matt Martin 

    “Supported games downloaded via Steam can be synced with an OnLive account and played on multiple devices regardless of spec – from tablets and Macs to Google TV and lightweight laptops.”

  • March 2014


    OnLive Relaunches with Facelift, New CloudLift Subscription Service

    Matthew Reynolds 

    “OnLive is perfect for players eager to start playing a game while it is busy installing, when traveling away from home or for a quick session at work during lunchtime.”

  • March 2014


    Back with a Vengeance: OnLive outs Two New Game Streaming Services

    Michael Rougeau 

    “The streaming game service is back in a big way, with a new ‘CloudLift’ subscription service, a new service called OnLive Go and more.”

  • March 2014


    OnLive Launches the iTunes Match of Gaming w/ CloudLift, Hires IGN’s Mark Jung to Lead the Company

    Jordan Kahn

    “We’ve listened to our players. They want the convenience of instant access to their games wherever they are, but they also want to own the game and be able to play it locally on their home PC. With this new offering, we’re continuing to expand on the compatibility, freedom and instant access our users enjoy, with the added flexibility of owning a local copy of their games, said Mark Jung, OnLive’s Executive Chairman.”

  • March 2014


    OnLive is Reborn with IGN Founder as Chief and Two New Cloud-Based Gaming Services

    Dean Takahashi 

    “OnLive is offering gamers something no other company has: the ability to access complex games instantly across multiple platforms. We’re excited to use OnLive’s service to help bring potential War Thunder customers into the game more quickly and to provide greater access to our current customers, said Anton Yudintsev, CEO of Gaijin Entertainment.”

  • February 2014

     Challengers Take On The Big Three In Gaming’s Arena

     Molly Wood

    “Game-streaming services like OnLive and Steam let users play games on computers or mobile devices (or a certain few Internet-connected TVs, in the case of OnLive).”

  • February 2014

    ‘UK is Ready for Game Streaming’

    Greg Lockley

    “UK regulator Ofcom and games streaming specialist OnLive believe the roll out of fibre optic broadband has opened up streaming to more gamers than ever.”

  • December 2012
    Time Logo

    Top 10 Everything of 2012

    “#1 App OnLive Desktop (iPad/Android Tablets)”

  • November 2012
    Wall Street Journal Logo

    Games Without Gizmos

    Erik Sofge

    “…there’s just one site that you need to know about: It’s dangerously engrossing, with more than 200 titles to choose from, many of which you can try for free.”

  • October 2012

    OnLive UK General Manager Bruce Grove took the time to speak to us at Eurogamer Expo 12

    Scott Marley, Scott Watson

    “Bruce Grove goes on record with the Daily Record one year on from OnLive’s launch in the UK.”

  • October 2012
    The Sixth Axis logo

    Interview With OnLive General Manager and Acting CEO

    Peter Chapman

    “Recorded interview with Charlie Jablonski and Bruce Grove speaking from the 2012 Eurogamer Expo in September.”

  • October 2012
    Daily Record Logo

    Finalist OnLive

    “OnLive named as finalist in four separate categories at this year’s T3 Technology Awards, including ‘Innovation of the Year’”

  • August 2012

    Big-Budget Consoles Beware, the Ouya Is Coming in Strong

    Cassandra Khaw

    “Aside from rampant support from the public, Ouya currently boasts of a partnership with music video and platform Vevo and cloud gaming platform OnLive.”

  • August 2012

    Meet the man in Microsoft’s rear-view

    John Patrick Pullen

    “We’re not just the next generation of consoles. You can distribute movies through us. You can distribute the entire user interface around the movie, not just the movie itself….”

  • July 2012

    10 Coolest Virtualization Startups Of 2012 (So Far)

    Kevin McLaughlin

    “We’ve been overwhelmed with requests from enterprise, SMB, organizations, government, schools–all seeking to replace their current remoting technology with OnLive as quickly as possible.” —OnLive Spokesperson

  • July 2012

    OnLive, Marvell seeding cloud gaming on Google TVs

    Stefanie Fogel

    “Now [OnLive] will use Marvell’s ARMADA 1500 chipset to bring its service to Google TV without the need for a gaming console.”

  • July 2012

    Vizio Co-Star Google TV now up for pre-order

    George Wong

    “The Vizio Co-Star is also touted to be the first stream player in the market to offer video games with OnLive.”

  • July 2012

    Pre-Order Vizio’s Co-Star Stream Player With OnLive Now

    Kevin Parrish

    “Through OnLive, users can demo, watch and play hundreds of top-tier video games directly from the cloud, eliminating the need for an independent game console.”

  • July 2012

    The $99 Vizio Co-Star Google TV Box Is Now Available To Pre-Order

    Matt Burns

    “[The Vizio Co-Star] sports the typical apps such as Netflix and Amazon, but also OnLive, which is the Co-Star’s prime attraction.”

  • July 2012

    OUYA Teams Up With OnLive For Cloud-Based Gaming

    Allegra Tepper

    “OnLive takes [OUYA] to the next level. This means that whether or not developers take to the platform from the get-go, OnLive will offer gamers a bevy of content immediately at the launch.”

  • July 2012

    Ouya Reveals Controller, Support For OnLive

    Ryan Rigney

    “The addition of OnLive will allow gamers to purchase and play graphically intense games like Batman: Arkham City and L.A. Noire.”

  • July 2012

    OUYA Scores Hundreds of Games Through OnLive

    Sarah Leboeuf

    “With OnLive available at Ouya’s launch, that means there will be hundreds of games already available to play on demand.”

  • July 2012

    OnLive Games Coming to Ouya Android Console

    Chloe Albanesius

    “We are pleased to announce that OnLive will be available on Ouya at launch, extending and building on our commitment to make the best games available to everyone, everywhere.” —Bruce Grove, OnLive

  • July 2012

    Ouya game console adds OnLive, outs controller

    Rich Brown

    “By bringing in OnLive, Ouya can boast AAA-quality titles like Warner Bros’ Batman: Arkham City, THQ’s upcoming DarkSiders II, and UbiSoft’s Assassin’s Creed games.”

  • July 2012

    OnLive launches cloud gaming service in Belgium

    Dean Takahashi

    “Belgacom customers will get access to a month of bundled games for free on OnLive’s Belgian site. The OnLive PlayPack will be available with more than 200 games playable on just about any PC or Mac.”

  • July 2012

    OnLive jumping to Ouya video game console

    Brett Molina

    “Like Ouya, we came to gaming with a new vision for making top-quality gaming accessible to more people, and we continue to look for ways to expand on that vision.” —Bruce Grove, OnLive