OnLive is building the future of cloud computing. The company was founded by Steve Perlman, noted entrepreneur and inventor who spent years in developing the technology before launching the OnLive Game Service in June 2010.

The OnLive Game Service has operated since then with zero downtime, serving millions of users in the US and Europe. OnLive has proved that with our technology, high-end visual computing experiences can be successfully delivered to almost any device. Through the company’s proprietary technology, console-quality games can now be played instantly on Macs, PCs, Android tablets, and TVs — either with our MicroConsole, or on some TVs and connected devices that include our software.

OnLive Desktop, named the #1 app of 2012 by Time Magazine, demonstrates that a remote desktop experience on a mobile device can feel local. OnLive is the leader in delivering graphics-rich interactive applications via the cloud for gaming and other industries.

In August 2012 Lauder Partners acquired the assets of OnLive, Inc. to form a new company that is doing business as OnLive. The new OnLive is moving forward to build a robust, scalable, flexible platform to deliver cloud computing services on a massive scale.

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