At OnLive you will be working side by side with some of best and brightest engineers in the world, and you will have an integral role in creating groundbreaking technologies and services. Oh, and you’ll get to play video games as part of your job. Interested? Read on...

The OnLive Game Service brought real-time, low latency gameplay to people around the world as one massive, intergalactic network for gaming. In 2009, people didn’t believe cloud gaming could work. It’s 2014 now, and people take it for granted that cloud gaming is an integral part of the future of the video game business. As audacious a vision as we thought that was, it was just the beginning. Now that the OnLive service has been proven, we’re hearing from hundreds of businesses that want to use our core technology as a platform for their own products and services… everything from financial institutions, game publishers, and retailers to medical and educational companies.

So now, the Next Big Thing for the team that built the first cloud gaming service is to build a robust, scalable open platform using our core streaming technology, but with a completely new architecture that will allow ANYONE to leverage our low-latency streaming solution.

We’re hiring a few key people to help realize this vision. We need senior engineers with a love of design and architecture to create the Next Big Thing. These senior people will define a brand new highly scalable, easily maintainable, virtualized infrastructure using the latest/greatest technologies that are available.

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